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Scary Missions at Escape Games Canada

Nov 07 2019 | Blogs

At Escape Games Canada, we love scary escape rooms. So we’ve taken stock of our spookiest games to give you an inside perspective. Similar to different levels of difficulty in our missions, there are also different levels of scary in our missions. They range from creepy to unspeakable, so be sure to pick the fear level that bests suits you. 


Crossroads is an eerie, creepy mission. The story follows a string of brutal killings to a murderer who has kidnapped a young girl named Sarah. You, the detectives, start out in the worn, abandoned subway of Fenton station. Blood is smeared across the floor and trails out of sight under the first door that you must figure out how to open. Crossroads is atmospherically tense, so the sudden bang! of an opening box is sure to startle your whole group. Though it is the least intense of scary missions at Escape Games Canada, there is violent content, so be prepared. To see if you can handle our creepiest mission, give the briefing video a watch.

The Haunting of Noriko

The Haunting of Noriko is a classic among the scary missions at Escape Games Canada. It’s also our largest mission, spanning horrific content across two floors of a Japanese style home. If you played Crossroads and were fine with the gore, be advised. The violent content in this mission is on a completely different level. The outside of the room seems innocent enough: just plain, white sliding doors. Stepping inside you’re blasted with the vision of a dilapidated room with blood-spattered walls. The house is haunted by the vengeful spirit of a young woman who was brutally murdered by her father. Her spirit returned from beyond the grave to slaughter the rest of her family. You and your friends must calm her soul before she kills you, too. If you’re looking for a good scary mission at Escape Games Canada, then The Haunting of Noriko is an excellent choice.

The Unknown

While we cannot tell you about the game content for The Unknown, we must share with you the disclaimers. There are strict warnings for people with anxiety and claustrophobia and health conditions. We also do not recommend this game for people who are pregnant or potentially pregnant. Go ahead and call us if you have concerns about specific people in your team. While we can’t explicitly tell you The Unknown is a scary mission, you can make your assumptions from the disclaimers. If you found The Haunting of Noriko scary, then The Unknown is definitely not an experience for you. But if you’re feeling especially brave, consider booking The Unknown.

Escape Games has many plans for future terrifying adventures to satisfy that need to be chilled to the bone. If you’re unsure what level of scare you can handle, start with Crossroads. You can work your way up from there. We wouldn’t recommend starting with The Unknown–it really is an amazing experience. You’ll definitely want to work up to that mission, too. Read up on the games and pick the scary mission at Escape Games Canada that speaks to you the most.

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