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Holiday Events at Escape Games Canada

Nov 14 2019 | Blogs

There’s snow on the ground and, like it or not, the holidays are coming quickly. It’s time to start planning your holiday events. In a city as large and diverse as Toronto, there are lots of options for engaging events. You could go bowling, axe-throwing, or just out for a nice dinner. With so many ways to get friends and colleagues together, it can be difficult to decide on what to do, but that’s why we’re here to make a compelling argument for spending some time playing at Escape Games Canada.


People obviously aren’t keen on spending their recreational time learning or developing new skills. That’s why Escape Games Canada has the uncanny ability to mask educational elements. Each of our immersive missions challenges different skill sets so you’ll be learning without even realizing it. Puzzle-solving is naturally challenging and by taking on a series of puzzles, you’ll push your brain to develop new synapses and improve cognitive function. While this might not sound like much of a selling point, there is a massive sense of accomplishment that comes from challenging yourself. It’s not hard to find somewhere to play a game and have some fun, but it is tough to plan an event that will knock everyone’s socks off AND challenge them. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of those challenges long after the event is done.


While you’re learning and challenging yourself, you’ll also be immersed in an entirely new world. Our state-of-the-art sets will transport you out of your reality and compel you to forget your worries while you’re playing. Combine that with seamlessly integrated technology that tracks your progress through your game and reacts to your progress. This combination of elements gives you an entirely unique game experience. Immersing yourself in the narrative and realism of your game will ensure an event your team will never forget. Heading downtown for dinner is nowhere near as exciting as travelling into a cursed mine or breaking into the labs of a malicious corporation in a dystopian cyberpunk future. Escape Games Canada creates the kind of entirely unique holiday events that your group won’t soon forget.


A creative event goes a long way, and few places are as creative as Escape Games Canada! As we’ve already mentioned, our sets and tech are unparalleled (even if we do say so ourselves), but beyond that, we offer seven different themes and each one has unique gameplay. You might find yourself crawling, climbing, running, jumping, or interacting with your game in some other unexpected way.  There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you discover that surprise hidden doorway! We constantly push ourselves to design and build original games filled with surprises. We want to make sure that you never know what to expect. Originality ensures your holiday events will feel like one of a kind; we want to keep you guessing with a new experience every time.

Now that we’ve given you good reason to consider visiting us this holiday season, remember that we’re busy. You have to keep in mind that we are in a lot of demand and have limited availability. It can be tough to get a spot, especially with a larger group. So, if you’re interested in a holiday event at Escape Games Canada, make sure you plan ahead!

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