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Importance of Immersion

Aug 29 2019 | Blogs

The human brain is so easily distracted; without even trying you start thinking about doing laundry when you’re driving. Keeping your attention on the task at hand can be difficult and that is the importance of immersion. An immersive game will pull the player out of their reality. It will help them forget about what’s waiting on the other side of the game and let them focus on having fun.

Puzzles Match the Theme of the Game

If you’ve booked a fantasy-themed game, you don’t want to think about taxes that still need filling (you’re welcome for the reminder). It makes it harder for you to solve the puzzle you’re working on if your brain is stuck in the real world. You need to focus on being a warlock in the game!  You need to be to master puzzles, and of spells! Forget the taxes (for now). Puzzles that fit the theme help you to stay in the reality of the game, and escape your own.

We Design Games with Immersion in Mind

When we design games, we take ambience into account to heighten the immersion. Since we are so aware of the importance of immersion, our number one goal in developing new missions is making sure they’re entirely immersive. We want to make sure you have fun! Puzzle-solving is fun and satisfying, but themed puzzles can help you forget that you’re even solving puzzles. A properly immersive experience will feel seamless, not like a path from one puzzle to the next, and that is the difference between an ok game where you may be distracted by other things and a fantastic experience.

What is the Importance of Immersion?

Why? Why not? You came out here for a purpose, and that purpose was to have fun. If you booked a game that casts you as an investigator, be that investigator! Your game creates a narrative for you, and part of your experience is not only accepting the narrative but taking it by the reins and riding it out for the whole hour. Immersion is arguably the best part of your experience, which is why it’s important to be immersed once the timer starts.

So you see, the importance of immersion can oftentimes be underrated as a valuable asset to your escape game experience. But really, why fight the room? What enjoyment can be found in being distracted by day-to-day life? The room is yours for an hour; take that hour and pretend that your reality exists in the confines of your game!

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