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Why You Shouldn’t Pay to Scavenger Hunt

Sep 04 2019 | Blogs

If you’ve played escape games before, you’ve probably clued in that scavenging isn’t puzzle solving. Crawling under a bed to find a lockbox may test the strength of your knees, but not your mind. If what you need is hidden from you, it takes away from the enjoyment of puzzle-solving. You end up wasting time looking for parts vital to your success. Still not convinced? Read on to find out exactly why scavenging isn’t puzzle-solving.

You can scavenge for things at home

First of all, why are you paying to search dark corners for things? If you have ever misplaced your keys or your cellphone or your glasses, then you are already familiar with the frustration of looking for something. There is little difference between looking for your house keys and turning a room inside out to find a hidden key, except that you paid money to look for the hidden key.

It’s a waste of time

At Escape Games Canada, we like to challenge our customers. This means that the puzzles you encounter in your game will be tough and require teamwork to solve. Scavenging isn’t puzzle-solving, it’s a way to eat into the precious time you have in your game that could be better spent deciphering a complicated puzzle on the wall. There’s nothing fun about hunting around your game while the timer ticks down because you can’t find an important piece to your mission.

Scavenging breaks immersion

There’s nothing more immersion breaking than scavenging. It’s frustrating, tedious, and hard for people who are restricted in their mobility. Immersion is important in your game as it contributes a good part of your experience, so having it ruined can really dictate whether or not your experience is amazing or terrible. As soon as you spend more than a minute searching for something, the immersiveness of your game begins to crumble and the more boring your experience becomes.

Scavenging is a time-waster to force you to take more time in the game rather than test your intellect. Searching for clues behind walls or lifting furniture to discover taped keys tests nothing but your eyes and ability to tear apart a room. Escape Games Canada challenges how you comprehensively solve the problems before you, which is why we don’t make you scavenge for clues.

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