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The Missing Will: Everything You Need to Know

Sep 12 2019 | Blogs

The Mansions of Madness real-life experience is now open at Escape Games Canada. It’s called The Missing Will and it will test your team’s ability to maintain their sanity in the face of terrifying mystery. Much like all our other new missions, The Missing Will is not a “traditional” escape room. While there are some similarities to escape room gameplay, there are a few things you should know before venturing into this creepy manor. Here’s everything you need to know before you play The Missing Will.

Based on the Popular Board Game

The Missing Will is the Mansions of Madness real-life experience. In partnership with Fantasy Flight Games, Escape Games Canada has designed and built a Victorian manor that contains a chilling mystery. Board game aficionados may recognize the title Mansions of Madness. The co-operative, app-assisted horror game sets players to fight for survival in a Lovecraftian universe. If you are a fan, you will find familiarities. Characters and various other game elements will help you lose yourself in the Mansions of Madness experience. But don’t worry if you’ve never played the board game before! You can still enjoy The Missing Will without any previous knowledge of Mansions of Madness. In fact, you might even want to check out the board game after!

It’s a Score-Based Mission

As we keep building, we’re moving away from traditional escape room gameplay. Along with missions like Mindshaft and Pathogen, The Missing Will is played for a score. You still have a full hour to try to complete your mission, but you’re not really trying to escape. This mission comes with a specific story-based objective and will score you based on your performance to the mission parameters. You can solve the main story puzzles or side quest puzzles. Remember to focus on the main story to complete your game successfully, but those side-quest puzzles will give you extra points!

You Can Follow the Investigative Report

Many of our missions give you a hint system to help you along where you can choose to access additional information about the puzzles in your game. This is not the case in The Missing Will. In our newest mission, you’ll follow an investigative report that will keep track of your mission objectives and guide you. It acts as your hint system, giving you additional information as needed. Keeping track of your investigative report will benefit your team! It will help let you know what you should be focusing on, and how to proceed. Not only that, but the investigative report will act as your hint system and can help you out if you get stuck, so make sure you check back in with it often!

Now that you have all the information you need, you can check availability online, or call us to book! Are you ready to solve the mystery of The Missing Will?

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