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Logic vs. Task-Based Puzzles

Aug 01 2019 | Blogs

Logic-based and task-based puzzles are the two types of puzzles most commonly found in escape rooms. Almost all of Escape Games Canada’s puzzles can also be broken into one of those two categories. While the difference between these two kinds of puzzles may seem evident at first, having a deeper knowledge of what kind of puzzle you’re dealing with may help you solve it faster. Here’s a quick definition and some tips on how to tackle any type of puzzle you encounter.

Logic-Based Puzzles

Logic-based puzzles are the kind of puzzles that make you take a step back to see the bigger picture. Usually, you’re given parameters or conditions you need to stay within. Sometimes you have to work around a set of parameters in order to find your solution. Puzzles that pull information from different sources or have multiple layers of information tend to fall under the logic category. Logic puzzles are the type of puzzles you might think of when you imagine an escape room. Missions like Crossroads feature a lot of logic-based puzzles to challenge your team.

Task-Based Puzzles

Task-based puzzles tend to be more physical. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to use strength or force to solve these puzzles, it just means they’re more hands on. Task-based puzzles aren’t that hard to solve (a maze, for example, is a task-based puzzle), however the process of actually completing them is where the challenge comes in. Usually, task-based puzzles require more than one person to solve, some are even unsolvable without the right number of players. All the more reason to rely on your teammates, they can help you quickly and efficiently get the task done (pun intended).

While there are other types of puzzles that you might encounter, the most common and significant are logic and task-based puzzles. They can sometimes go hand in hand but knowing the difference can help you problem solve faster. If you can identify the type of challenge then you are already on your way to solving it. Remember to use your team-mates, they’re a fantastic resource. Whether you have to delegate tasks, or partner up to reason your way through the logic, knowing the type of puzzle you’re up against will give you a distinct advantage.


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