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How to Prepare for your Escape Game Experience

Aug 15 2019 | Blogs

A lot of people wonder if there’s any way they can prepare for their escape room experience? Is there anything they can do to get ready in advance? The answer is yes, there are ways to prepare for your game and they are much more straightforward than you think. Here are a few easy steps you can take to prepare for your escape game experience.

Read About the Mission / Watch the Mission Briefing

There is information about all of our missions on our website. It’s easy to find mission descriptions, photos, briefing videos, and even blogs dedicated to each mission we have running. All of these resources can help you prepare for your escape game. Not only will they give you some information about the story of the game, but they also give you a hint about the kind of experience you’re going to have. Horror games will naturally lend themselves to a more intense experience. If that’s not your idea of fun, you might want to avoid any descriptions that contain horror elements. But if you are looking for a high octane experience, look for missions that have thrilling themes.

Listen to Your Game Master

Your game masters know everything there is to know about your mission. They don’t just give you random information, they tell you exactly what you need to know for your experience. Listen carefully because they are going to equip you. They’ll cover everything from safety to how to communicate if you need something, and if you’re extra nice they might even give you some extra hints. There’s nothing like a bit of extra info to help you prepare for your escape game!

Ask Questions

It might seem like a straightforward way to get information but asking questions can be very helpful. While none of our staff will give you any spoilers, the staff at the front desk will sometimes give you little hints. We already mentioned that game masters have a lot to tell you at the beginning of your mission, and all that information is important. So, if you don’t understand something your game master is saying, make sure you ask. Having a clear understanding of game-play rules and what to expect will benefit you in your mission. Not to mention that asking the right questions can sometimes lead you to nuggets of valuable information. Every tidbit can be helpful to your game.

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