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Our Top 5 Most Adrenaline-Filled Escape Rooms – Ranked

Jul 06 2023 | Blogs

Escape rooms aren’t just about testing your puzzle-solving ability, they’re about immersing yourself in a thrilling story and having fun. At Escape Games Canada, we pride ourselves on building experiences that help you forget your everyday worries. While all of our games are dynamic, there are a couple that give you a little extra rush, either because of their gameplay or their story. Here are our top five most adrenaline-filled escape rooms.

  1. Mindshaft

It seems obvious that there’s an extra measure of excitement in a game where you have to solve your way through a cursed mine to fight a demon, but the real adrenaline rush might not be what you expect. Without giving too much away, we can tell you that Mindshaft isn’t like other escape rooms. We’ve merged video game elements into the game to create a completely unique experience. The game requires the whole group to run and jump a bit to play. That physical exhilaration combined with the mental workout of solving puzzles gives players a real rush!


  1. Pathogen

In Pathogen, your group plays the role of elite operatives hired for an important mission. As you begin your assignment and break into the enemy’s lab, you’re met with all kinds of mental as well as physical challenges that you need to overcome, all while disarming alarms and avoiding detection. It’s a game with high stakes and a lot of pressure. Amidst the chaos of trying to break in and fulfill your objectives, your team will need to find a way to communicate calmly and clearly in order to be successful. Overall, Pathogen’s stealth gameplay makes it one big thrill.


  1. Crossroads

Customers always ask if Crossroads is scary, and the short answer is no, we didn’t design it to be scary – but that doesn’t seem to stop people from being absolutely terrified. Crossroads may have you hunting down a serial killer, but it’s a bit of a slow burn. The game begins innocently enough, but as you solve your way through an abandoned subway station to where the killer is holding his victim, you start to get more clues and communication from him. The tense atmosphere and the killer’s menacing behaviour make Crossroads one of our most adrenaline-filled escape rooms.


  1. Haunting of Noriko

In case the name of the game didn’t give it away, Haunting of Noriko is a two-story haunted house that players can explore. The story of a family cursed to haunt their home after a series of grisly murders leaves room for all sorts of scares. If the little brother’s antics in the walls of the house don’t make you jump, then mom and dad are sure to. And let’s not forget about Noriko herself, her appearance never fails to get the blood pumping. Our original horror-themed game is just as frightening now as when we built it eight years ago, and it is definitely one of our most adrenaline-filled escape rooms.


  1. Last Resort

Our number one pick for most adrenaline-filled escape room goes to Last Resort. Not only is it horror-themed, but there’s an element of mystery to it that heightens the suspense. When you play, you don’t know much except that you’re booked into a strange little motel. Once inside, things go from bad to worse as you try to solve your way out. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Last Resort forces you to keep your wits about you in the most intense situation.

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