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What Will Happen to The Unknown?

Feb 20 2020 | Blogs

It’s been called the best escape room in Toronto, and the scariest escape room ever, but even with so much praise, The Unknown won’t stick around forever. Despite its status as one of the top escape rooms and its flattering reviews, the bottom line is that the Escape Games Canada team likes to mix things up. At some point in the future, we’ll close The Unknown to make room for the next big thing. So, whether you love The Unknown, or are too terrified to ever attempt it, here’s what you can expect to happen when it inevitably closes.

Replacing The Unknown

Yes, it will happen one day, The Unknown will close. It’s still a fantastic experience, but we need more space. It is easily the number one escape room here at Escape Games Canada, but we always want to outdo ourselves. Nothing makes our team happier than designing and building innovative new escape rooms! We have a massive space, but we’re also running six state-of-the-art games, and each one has a sizable footprint. For us to keep creating the unique and mind-blowing experiences you expect, we need more room. Naturally, that means that escape rooms close down so that new ones can be built. It’s going to happen to The Unknown eventually, but trust us, it’ll be worth it!

New Scariest Escape Room

Let’s not pretend that The Unknown is all sunshine and rainbows, you can probably guess that it’s a bit scary. It’s one of Toronto’s top-rated escape rooms because it leaves an impression. Here’s the thing; when we do decide to replace it, we’re going to build something even scarier! I know what you’re thinking: “scarier than Toronto’s scariest escape room?!” Yes. Yes, that is our plan. We want to build a game that is so scary, the challenge will be to be able to last through the entire hour. If you think The Unknown is intense, you haven’t seen anything yet!

When Will The Unknown Close?

We don’t honestly know when The Unknown will close, and we can’t even really hazard a guess. But it will happen eventually. The entire Escape Games team loves The Unknown, but we also want to test our ability to design something even more terrifying. For the record, we’re confident that we can do it. We will design the scariest escape room Toronto has ever seen. But for that to happen, sadly The Unknown will have to close first.

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