Time is running out! You won’t survive much longer in this prison. Can you piece together the clues left by the previous inmates and escape or will you rot just like those before you?

Accommodates: 4-8 players


A serial killer is on the loose… Can you and your team of detectives catch the killer and save the next victim before it’s too late?

Accommodates: 4-8 players


The spirits of a haunted house in Osaka have latched on to your soul. Piece together the clues to solve the mystery of what happened. Put the spirits to rest or become the next victim.

Accommodates: 5-12 players


Mindshaft is not an escape room, but an interactive fantasy adventure! Delve into the deep demonic pits of hell to slay a demon. Prove your worth by completing unique sets of challenges in order to become a champion.

Accommodates: 4-7 players


You may know nothing about this mission. You either do it or have it remain a mystery. WARNING: EXTREME CONTENT, 18+ ONLY Not recommended for those with heart conditions.

Accommodates: 4-8 players


Pathogen is a cyber-punk themed adventure where player’s choices have consequences. Which ending will you get?
Accommodates: 4-8 players


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