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3 Reasons Escape Games Will be the End of the World as We Know It

As escape room designers, builders, and enthusiasts, we are very sorry to tell you that escape games will inevitably bring about the end of the world. Not possible, you say? Well, we really wish that were true, but we have the evidence to prove our claim. So, in the name of science, here are the three reasons that escape games will be the downfall of us all:

1. With so many twisted scenarios, a super villain is bound to form

So many of our Escape Games have twisted themes, ranging from haunted houses to cyberpunk, militant futures; escape rooms are intense. All it would take is a visit from someone in a monocle, maybe they wear a cape, and they could develop a thirst for world domination. It’s easy to imagine the toll our Noriko mission would take on a mind already absorbed by the macabre. Imagine; a figure emerging from the mysterious Unknown door, shrouded in darkness and launching themselves into the night! This is how villains are born people! This is the real danger of Escape Games!

2. Bickering groups will ultimately devolve into Hunger Games

Every group arrives acting like BFFs, but their one-hour game is a true test of friendship. Some groups walk out of their mission with the same cheerful attitude that they had when they walked in, but there are a few groups that come out feuding! There are accusations, arguments, and other hostilities all aggressively levied at one another. Hostilities mean that players often leave at each other’s throats; we know that it will turn violent. Groups turning on each other, dragging bodies into the streets, and it’s all the fault of a disagreement in an escape room. It’s not hard to imagine them fighting until their animosity spreads and society devolves into nothing.

3. Our new and sophisticated tech will undoubtedly breed AI

We’ve all seen Terminator, we know what AI can do. Since Escape Games Canada is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology; some day, one day, one of our animatronics will talk back, it’s only a matter of time. We keep building better and smarter games that can think for themselves; but what happens when one of those artificial brains learns reason? What if they develop the ability to think for themselves? Or pass the Turing Test? My friends, that will be the day that Escape Games Canada can truly claim fault for the end of the world.