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Have a special request? Read this first!

We get a lot of special requests. People want to celebrate everything from birthdays to engagements at our facility and we couldn’t be more flattered. We’ve helped people celebrate milestone birthdays, surprise their friends, and even get engaged! While we have been thrilled to participate in all these landmark life events, it’s becoming more challenging for us too. Not only are we very busy, but we have a lot of limitations when it comes to how we can alter our facility. Here are the reasons why you should really think carefully before you plan a big event around an escape room.

Sorry, but there are rules to follow.

Our facility has rules in place for a reason, and we’re sorry, but we can’t make exceptions. Things like cell phone use or photos are not permitted to maintain the integrity of our business. That means that if you want to surprise someone in one of our missions, there is sadly no way to capture it on film. We would love nothing more than to help capture your magic moment on camera, but rules are rules!

We can’t make changes to our missions

Our mission is to give every one of our customers an amazing experience. We’ve staked our reputation on being a facility that incorporates customer service and technology for a seamless and immersive experience. That means that the combinations are coded in and can’t be changed. The hints are mounted to walls and can’t be changed. We can add small items or puzzles into the games but since they rarely fit the aesthetic of the theme, they often give away the surprise.

We’re super busy

To be clear, we’re not complaining that we’re a popular facility or that we’re busy; we love our customers! But that same business makes it really tough to work outside of our already hectic schedule. That’s why, when we get all kinds of requests for custom puzzles and alterations to our games it’s very hard to accommodate. High traffic means that we’re dedicating our time to customer experience; all of those special requests ultimately affect our ability to do so.

We want to make every experience memorable and unique, especially when customers make special requests of us. Unfortunately, we’re still trying to keep our facility running to its full capacity, and that affects our ability to dedicate the time and energy that your special event deserves. It’s hard for us to accommodate specific and detailed requests, but we want to help make your visit memorable, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us and ask. You never know, if you’re willing to accept our limitations, we just might be able to help make your day magic!

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