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How Escape Rooms can Boost Morale

Aug 04 2022 | Blogs

Team building is essential to any business. A company whose employees value and respect each other will run with greater efficiency and see stronger returns. Team building automatically boosts morale, creating a more pleasant and productive work environment, and what better team building event could there be than an escape room?


Escape rooms create a challenging environment where colleagues can test their communication. Learning to balance their own egos with the opinions of their coworkers, colleagues will have to speak and listen in turn if they want to overcome the game’s challenge successfully. By practicing their communication with one another, colleagues will establish stronger relationships, thereby boosting morale in the workplace.


Cooperation is another key component of escape rooms. When two players who may not have had many interactions with one another are forced to work together, the resulting bond and relationship carries over into the workplace. Escape rooms provide an opportunity for a shared experience that works towards a common goal, a practice that will have real-life applications in the workplace.


Nothing brings people together like a victory. Celebrating a win is the ultimate morale boost. Now, there are no guarantees that a group will be successful when facing the challenge of an escape room, but that doesn’t negate everything else there is to celebrate. Overcoming a particularly challenging puzzle, getting to the end before the timer runs out, all of these little things deserve recognition. Celebrating the wins in a game – even if you don’t ‘win the game’—will boost morale within the team.


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