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Our Most Popular Game

Jun 16 2022 | Blogs

At Escape Games Canada, our number one most requested game is – our most popular game! We constantly have customers requesting the game that’s most loved and most frequently booked. People assuming that a mission that is regularly fully booked is the most popular creates a cycle which ends up with that game being fully booked, even if that game might not be the best loved

The newest game always books up the fastest

As an escape room facility that’s been operating for eight years, we’ve been lucky enough to amass a group of dedicated fans. We have a bunch of friends who always come back to visit whenever we introduce a new game. In fact, whenever we open up a new game, it seems like everybody wants to be the first person to play it. This makes the game seem way more popular than all the others, but that doesn’t make it a favourite.

Most people have already played the classics

Naturally, the longer a game has been around, the more people have already played it. That might make it seem less popular but we constantly hear how our customers adore The Haunting of Noriko, which is one of our older games. It’s been open for seven years and is still a well-loved favourite. It’s arguably one of our most popular games, but because it’s been around for a while, it doesn’t book up quite as quickly as some of our newer games.

Context is important

Around the fall, horror-themed escape rooms become really popular as people start to feel Halloween’s spooky vibes. But in the summer, it seems more people like adventure-themed games. Context is important to consider when trying to figure out which game is most popular. The time of year plays a huge role in deciding which games seem most loved.


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