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Why You Should Play an Escape Room This Holiday

Dec 01 2021 | Blogs

In a city like Toronto there are so many incredible activities vying for your attention during the holiday season, and it can be tough to decide on the best way to spend that quality family time. As an activity that is sure to bring people together, this year consider playing an escape room for the holidays. Your friends and family will love being challenged, bonding over the game play, and building new memories.


Escape rooms are by no means easy. They’re meant to challenge you and force your group to cooperate and communicate in order to solve problems. In fact, the tougher the game, the more satisfying it can be to solve! Working your way through complex and challenging puzzles may not sound like a traditional holiday activity, but an escape room is sure to keep your group engaged and encourage bonding.


Few activities require as much teamwork and cooperation as escape rooms do. Teams that don’t work together will ultimately struggle. Alternatively, groups that communicate well are sure to bond over the experience. By working together for a common goal, your group will naturally grow closer. Why not celebrate the victories and learn from the challenges of the game to help bring friends and family closer together? Inevitably, escape rooms are a shared bonding experience that encourage new memories.


A good escape room will leave you with lasting memories. Your group is bound to have made some inside jokes, or remember one part of the game especially vividly, and you’ll be talking about it for years to come. By immersing yourselves in the game, by rising to the challenge and developing strong teamwork, your group will have created an experience in the game that’s unique to you. This shared experience will not only bond your group but will live on as a fun memory. Can you think of anything better to take away from your holiday celebrations?


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