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A Few More Tips for Successful Escaping

Sep 22 2022 | Blogs

Since it’s been a while since we’ve published a blog talking about escape room basics, we thought we would offer you another short list of best practices to help you next time you play. Escape rooms are mastered through experience, so we’re once again sharing our expertise to help you look like a superstar! Here are a few more tips to make sure you successfully escape every time.

Everything has an order

Any escape room worth playing in will have puzzles that follow a logical order. While you might walk into a room with lots of information, there should be a straightforward way to organize it all. Sometimes, the thing you’re looking for is not the code to the next door; you might need to solve your way through a mechanism instead. Sometimes, there’s a massive puzzle waiting in the room, taunting you, but you may not have the information to solve it just yet. Be patient! If you’re missing information, then you likely need to come back to that puzzle later. Focus on the information you do find to help you determine the logical order to solve the puzzles.

Pay close attention

It can be easy to overlook little details like colours, or book names, but don’t write that information off. Many escape rooms rely on subtle details to help guide you or help steer you in the right direction. Look for correlations between the puzzles in front of you and the information you have. Look for those little hints that tell you you’re working in the right direction. They’ve all been planted there intentionally and they can really help you out.

Information flows

It’s a common misconception that the answer to a puzzle can be found near its puzzle. Escape rooms are often made more challenging by moving information around. Sometimes the clues you need to solve a single puzzle are spread out in several spots, just to make sure it’s not too easy. The one thing you can rely on is that the information will flow. Like our first tip about following the logical order, there’s a flow to information. If you watch how information is uncovered, it can help act as a guide.

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