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Commonly Overheard at Escape Games

Are we locked inside the room? Do you watch on the cameras and laugh at us? How long is the game? If you think you’re the only one who asks these questions, or questions like it, then you would be mistaken. At Escape Games Canada, we find we that most of our conversations involve answering questions–which we love to do, and we actually encourage you to ask questions. With so much of our time spent answering questions, it’s pretty hard to come up with one we haven’t already heard, (so kudos to you if you’re the first to ask us something); so don’t think you’re alone in your queries.

Here’s just a small list of some of the things we overhear while at work that you are probably thinking, too.

It Smells Like Laser Tag!

Ah, yes, that classic warehouse smell, the scent of fun. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard someone say that, and we’re sure it will be said again. Naturally, there are some similarities between laser tag and escape games (suspense, adrenaline, the determination to win), but how do we differ most? Well, we use fewer fog machines.

Is it scary? Are there any live actors?

As we often say here at Escape Games Canada, fear is subjective. Some people are afraid of spiders, some of heights. What might be scary for you, may not be scary for someone else. One thing is for certain, though: that’s probably the most common question we hear. As for whether or not there are live actors in any of our missions…well, there certainly aren’t dead actors!

We failed! We’re so dumb.

You’re not! Failure is not being able to solve a single puzzle. Just because you didn’t make it to the end of the game doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Escape rooms aren’t intuitive, so the more games you play, the better you’ll be, so don’t worry if you don’t escape on your first couple of tries.

Can I go into another room and scare the people there?

No. No, you cannot. We understand why that might seem appealing, and why there’s such a strong temptation, but please leave the other players to enjoy their respective games.

As you can see, we get asked all sorts of questions. You’re not alone in your thinking, so don’t worry about asking a question you think might be too stupid. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!