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Do You Remember Any of Our Original Escape Rooms?

Feb 16 2023 | Blogs

We thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the games that paved the way. Each and every one of these games was a stepping stone for us, and friends who have been visiting us from the beginning may recognize easter eggs and callbacks to this original lineup in our current games. We couldn’t be prouder of where we came from or where we are today, so here’s a quick look at our original escape rooms, do you remember any of them?

Mayan Curse

One of our first four original escape rooms, Mayan Curse was a trek into the Mayan jungle to recover a missing idol. Full of complex puzzles that used the ancient Mayan numeral system, Mayan Curse was our stepping stone to the immersive sets you see at Escape Games Canada today.

Escape From Bleak Prison

Escape from Bleak Prison was another of our four original escape rooms. It was a fan favourite because of the mechanic that split your team into two separate prison cells across the room from one another. The challenging gameplay forced groups to communicate and cooperate to escape.

Voleur de Diamant

Also known as Diamond Heist, Voleur de Diamant was another pioneer. Groups played as thieves tasked with stealing a diamond and escaping before time ran out. Successful groups got to enjoy the “diamond” ring pop that they freed from the safe.

Counter Ops

Counter Ops was our first two-storey game where players had to infiltrate a bank vault to stop a deadly bomb. It is not-so-fondly remembered as one of our hardest games. It was so tough that we used to have an ‘easy’ version that customers could request, with 20% fewer puzzles.

End of the Line

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: You’re trying to stop a killer who’s hiding out in an abandoned subway station. While it might sound a lot like the set up for our current Crossroads game, End of the Line was the original, with a different plot and entirely different puzzles.


Following Voleur de Diamant, and before Pathogen came along, Syndicate occupied a special spot in our facility and our hearts. As our first fully programmed game, we shed our blood, sweat, and tears to create the game. Anyone who played Syndicate may recognize some of the props that have been repurposed for Pathogen.


The Unknown was a customer and staff favourite. Unfortunately, lockdowns and safety restrictions made it impossible for us to operate this infamous game in a post-pandemic world. Less of a game and more of an experience, The Unknown is remembered fondly by its many fans for its fun-loving and friendly serial killer.

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