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How Escape Rooms Can Support Your Workplace

Mar 21 2023 | Blogs

Team-building events have proven to increase work culture, strengthen relationships between colleagues, and even boost productivity. So, how can escape rooms support your workplace? When you play an escape room, you exercise a variety of skills that help strengthen both your cognitive functions and interpersonal relationships. Here are just a couple of examples of how escape rooms can support your team.

Develop better communication

Soft skills are integral in the workplace. It is essential that colleagues communicate with patience and respect, but that can be difficult while managing stress. When you’re playing an escape room, you have to keep calm. Communicating in a respectful way is the difference between winning and losing the game. Yelling over each other, or insisting on one idea over another, is sure to derail a group’s progress. Like the office environment, calm and clear communication is key if you want to succeed in your escape room.

Learn to cooperate

Communication alone can’t solve an escape room; players have to cooperate as well. Consider your workplace: Is there someone who hogs the stapler? Or maybe you have a coworker that doesn’t file their paperwork properly? They’ll have to develop strong cooperative habits if they want to contribute to a successful game. You’ll have to coordinate your efforts, including your communication, and find a way to work harmoniously to make your way through the challenges an escape room presents.

Exercise problem-solving skills

So many of us have found a comfortable rhythm in our work, but comfort can make a person complacent. That’s one of the biggest benefits of an escape room; the obstacles they present not only force you to communicate and cooperate with the rest of your group, but you’ll also have to challenge your way of thinking. Creative problem solving is essential to escape room success. When you play an escape room, it’s likely that you’ll face puzzles that necessitate a change in the way you think. Naturally, considering problems from different perspectives is a constructive way to build new skills and result in stronger interpersonal relationships and better teamwork in the workplace.


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