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Halloween at Escape Games Canada!

Oct 23 2018 | Blogs

As soon as the summer holidays end and students are back in school, the last of the warm days fade and everyone looks to the horizon of winter and anticipates the winter holidays. However, there’s one more big holiday that Escape Games Canada gets really excited about–Halloween! While most retail stores start to prepare for the holiday rush, Escape Games Canada is the place to be for the most immersive and challenging Halloween experience!

We pride ourselves on our creepy and scary missions, and we even have mysterious missions that we cannot tell you anything about. While haunted houses and scary movies are entertaining, we’re all well acquainted with the typical scares they offer. Escape Games Canada adds an extra challenge to your experience: puzzles in an interactive setting.

Our Scariest Games

You could watch a horror movie about a Japanese spirit seeking vengeance OR you could come to play the Haunting of Noriko and put yourself right into the thick of the plot where you must make sure she doesn’t kill YOU.

Our Crossroads mission sets a creepy mood with ambient lighting, crackling, old-timey audio, and hard moral choices. Fans of thrillers or police procedurals can try their hand at stopping a killer themselves.

And as for the Unknown, we’d love to tell you all about it! It’s about _______ and _____ who then ________________. Okay, we really can’t tell you anything–only that it’s more of an experience and it is also an 18+ game, so be sure to bring your ID’s if you come to play!

With all these options, it’s easy to challenge yourself this Halloween with an experience that is immersive, interactive, and has you checking over your shoulder just to make sure no one is behind you.

Or is there someone behind you?

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