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Our Scariest Escape Rooms Ranked!

Oct 29 2021 | Blogs

The one question we’re asked most often is, “Is this game scary?” Unfortunately, that’s not such a simple question to answer; fear is subjective and what’s scary to one person might not affect another the same way. With that said, there are certain things that everyone can agree are creepy, and we’ve done our best to capture them in our games. Here’s a breakdown of our escape rooms, from least scary to most terrifying. How many of them are you brave enough to try?

7. The Ark

The Ark is an underwater adventure where you and your friends play the role of scientists sent to investigate a mysterious signal. With beautiful sets, and challenging puzzles, The Ark replicates the wonder of discovering a long-lost secret far beneath the sea, but there’s nothing scary about it.

6. Pathogen

Set in a dystopian cyberpunk future, Pathogen tests your team’s ability to coordinate and communicate. While there’s certainly something unsettling about the story of operatives breaking into a high-security laboratory to take possession of a deadly pathogen, it’s hardly horror.

5. Mindshaft

The idea of a demon tormenting a nearby town from his hideout in a nearby mine is a bit unnerving to some people. A lot of customers ask us what kind of demon he is or how horrific, but as you adventure through the fantastical Mindshaft you’ll quickly learn that he’s got a fearsome wit, but that’s about it.

4. Missing Will

As a group of investigators looking for Mr. Millar’s missing will at Millar Manor, you might start to notice strange things occurring in the house. Spellbooks left strewn about and mysterious, shadowy figures haunt you as you inspect the old manor. Is the game scary? Not really. But it does have a couple of creepy surprises waiting for players.

3. Crossroads

Crossroads was designed to be creepy. As you move through the old train station, the unsettling atmosphere coupled with the fact that you’re chasing down a serial killer are enough to leave anyone on edge. To make matters worse, the killer is happy to toy with you as you get closer to his hiding place. This is one game that we didn’t intend to be scary, but it turned out to have a pretty high spook factor nonetheless.

2. Haunting Of Noriko

Haunting is the operative word in the title of this long-standing, customer favourite game. Set in a dilapidated house, groups are tasked with putting Noriko’s soul to rest years after her gruesome murder. With two floors of game to explore, this mission’s low light and intense atmosphere are sure to get your blood pumping.

1. Last Resort

Last Resort is our newest game built in the space that once held our legendary Unknown mission. It has big shoes to fill, but we made sure that Last Resort is up to the task. Using a bunch of new tricks, we’ve created a truly terrifying experience that is not meant for the faint of heart.

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