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Building an Escape Room

Nov 11 2021 | Blogs

We’re often asked, “Who builds your games?” The answer is simple: we do! The Escape Games Canada team is pretty talented, if we say so ourselves, and we have an elite subdivision dedicated to designing, building, fabricating, and maintaining the incredible sets and props that make our games so special.  You have the build team to thank for each of our amazing games. Here’s a peek into the process of what it’s like to build an escape room.

The Idea

It may seem simple to say that every game starts with an idea, but the inspiration for a game is important. Not only does it set the tone for the game, but it will also help dictate the puzzles. For example, Mindshaft is a fantasy adventure game where your team travels down a mine to fight a demon. Naturally, in an adventure-themed game, the puzzles are very hands-on and action-oriented. The idea also helps shape the story of the game, which helps us decide how and where puzzles should be placed.

The Design

Our team takes special pride in our game design. We work hard to create dynamic games that have diverging puzzle paths so you and your group can enjoy a truly immersive experience. The build team takes time to think about puzzles that fit into the theme of the game, and often rely on props to enhance the story of the game while giving clues. For example, our Crossroads game uses train schedules for a puzzle which fits the story perfectly since it’s set in an abandoned subway station.

The Build

The last step in building an escape room is to literally build it! The build team dedicates months to rearranging the space allotted for the game and making sure no detail is overlooked. Carpentry, engineering, electrical, and fabrication experts all work together to create a memorable experience. The build stage is slow; construction takes place in the few hours during the day when we’re not open to the public, but it’s worth the wait. Once the new game starts to take shape, a few weeks of testing are all that stand between you and being able to play a brand new escape room!


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