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So, You Want to be a Game Master?

Nov 17 2022 | Blogs

If we’re being honest, we have the best job! Game Masters at Escape Games Canada have a blast at work, we won’t try to pretend otherwise, but that doesn’t mean that our jobs are easy. Game Masters aren’t just here for customer service, we’re game experts with a wealth of knowledge. Not to toot our own horns, but we’re pretty skilled. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work behind the scenes at Canada’s premier escape room facility, you’re in luck because we’re hiring! We’re looking for talented people to join our team of superstars, so if you’re interested, here’s what it takes to be an Escape Games Canada Game Master.

Masters of games

Game Masters earn our titles; we work here because we’re gaming enthusiasts. Our passion for gaming comes in handy when we’re on the job. We have every puzzle memorized, and we know how to explain them to you. Giving hints is an art form; you need to give just enough information to help a group along without giving away the puzzle’s methodology or solution. Our years of gaming allow us to read what’s going on in the games like a book. We can tell when a group is really stuck, or if they’re just taking their time. We always know when our expertise is required. That’s what makes our customer service so fantastic!

Customers first

The core of our job is customer service; we’re here for you. The highlight of a Game Master’s day is interacting with a group that’s having fun in their game. When you’re having a great time, we are too. Yes, we have to read you the rules and make sure you’re staying safe, but we’re here for the same reason you are: the games! We get your games set up, we get them started, but our investment doesn’t end when we walk away. We’re rooting for you! We want you to win! We love all of our games and when you come visit, we’re hoping you love them too.

Secondary skills

Beyond having a deeper understanding of gaming, and interacting with customers, being a Game Master demands a secondary skillset that contributes to the facility. When you visit Escape Games Canada, any of the core staff you interact with are experts that contribute to the business behind the scenes. From actors and writers to engineers and administrators, our team is made up of superstars. All of us use our skills to help further the company and bolster our customers’ experience. If you want to be a Game Master, it’s important to have a skill you can contribute besides your incredible customer service. Show us what you can add to our already impressive team!

Interested in joining us? Send your resume and cover letter to and tell us why you’re amazing—we look forward to hearing from you!



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