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Why Booking an Escape Room is the Best Holiday Gift

Nov 10 2022 | Blogs

It’s that time of year when Halloween is over and we all start panicking about the holidays. They’re just around the corner, and the pressure is on to come up with fun, innovative gifts. It can be tough to satisfy everyone on your list, but we have a suggestion: book an escape room or two. Hear us out before you accuse us of being biased! We have a good list of reasons why booking an escape room makes the best holiday gift.

It’s unique

Anyone can give a gift card or pick something off a list to give as a gift, but when you book an escape room, you’re giving an experience. Your gift recipients will have the opportunity to explore and challenge themselves; they will immerse themselves in story and adventure. What gift could be cooler than that? A gift that allows them to escape the confines of reality and stimulates their imagination is sure to be more unique and memorable than anything you can fit in a box.

It’s a gift you get to share

When you gift an escape room experience, you get to be part of the fun. Imagine the memories you can make if you get together to play an immersive game as a family. How can a bottle of wine even compare? Sharing the experience is not only fun for you, but it also creates an opportunity to build relationships and strengthen bonds.

It’s original

How many people gift socks? Now, we love a good pair of socks, bonus points if they’re funny or have cute animals, but the point stands that over the holidays you’re bound to receive a few pairs. Gifting an escape room experience ensures that you’re giving your friend a different gift from everyone else. Not only will they get a unique gift, but they’ll also get something else that can’t be replicated–the pleasure of your company. What other gift could possibly give as much?


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