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The Downsides of being a Beta-Tester

Feb 13 2019 | Blogs

Being a beta-tester seems like it would be amazingly fun, and we understand why you might think so. Consider; the next mission is coming out and you are beyond excited, we know you can’t wait! You’ve already completed all the missions at Escape Games Canada, and now there’s a new one just around the corner. In fact, you’re so eager that you want to participate in our beta-testing to be one of the first groups to play the room.


Trust us: you really don’t want to beta-test. Here are our reasons why:


    1. When you’re a beta-tester, you’re a guinea pig. You don’t get to enjoy the mission to its fullest. Beta-testers are watched by staff; since we want to see how players will interact with the game, we will be standing by, watching every move you make, every breath you take. No, we’re not trying to be creepy, but sometimes it might feel like we are. In reality, we work really hard when we shadow beta-testers, checking every element of the game design, but it can be invasive if you’re trying to enjoy your mission.
    2. You will be tried. You will be measured. And you will be judged. But not harshly, and we promise we’re not laughing if you can’t solve a puzzle. But we are in there with you, watching. We’re critiquing your method of play because we need to know how customers will approach the problem. We want to test the difficulty levels of the puzzles, and see if they need tweaking. The people who built the game know how it works inside and out, so they need a fresh set of eyes to run the gauntlet and approach the mission so they can gather data.
    3. You can’t get your first impression back. You’ll have popped your proverbial cherry, and you will know the puzzles and story after. Once you’ve played it, you’ve played it. If something goes wrong, well, that’s to be anticipated in beta-testing. You’ll just have to sit back and let the techs do their thing and then hop right back into the game. It won’t run as smoothly or be as immersive as if you just booked the room when it finally opens to the public.

    Let us work through the kinks

    These are just some of the many reasons you don’t want to be part of the beta-testing team. Sure, being a beta-tester sounds great, but you won’t get to experience the room in all its glory. Much better to wait for the grand opening to really show off your escaping prowess. Besides, the beta testers are mostly staff; we noble few, who bear the burden, so you don’t have to.

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