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The Escape Room Movie vs. Escape Games Canada

Jan 31 2019 | Blogs

What’s the difference between the new Escape Room Movie and playing an escape room? Imagine this:

You and your team are in the last room, fumbling with the final puzzle.

“Hurry!” Your friend cries.

You can hear the killer approaching, see his shadow along the wall.

That’s it. You’re done for.

He slowly rounds the corner…

“Hey, guys!” Says your Game Master, pleasantly. “Need a little help?”

You come back to yourself. No, you weren’t in a battle with your life on the line, and sadly, the only thing at the end of your escape room is the sweet sense of victory and accomplishment, not a 10,000$ cash prize. Unlike the looming threats in the new Escape Room Movie, when you play at Escape Games Canada, you are safe while working on escaping–the emergency exit illuminated above the unlocked door where you enter the room says as much. The only peril you might find yourself in may be killing your teammates if they don’t stop arguing, but we find that players’ bloodlust clears up relatively quickly once they move onto another puzzle.

The Key Difference

Unlike the new Escape Room Movie, here you are completely safe. While the team at EGC have, on occasion, debated building a room that echoes a grisly horror movie, we prefer to deal in psychological twists that make you question not only your morals but the motives of the other people in your team.

Your Game Masters are there to help you. At no point will you find a member of staff who is willing to watch you fail–hence why we have staff assistance buttons in each room, so if you need to ask us a non-puzzle related question (“Is this cowboy hat relevant to a puzzle?”) we can give you an appropriate answer (“No. It’s just for decoration.”).

And don’t stress if one of your teammates drops the ball. Rather than the whole floor falling away and you plummeting to your death, like the poor escapers in the Escape Room movie, you can just pick the ball back up and keep going to real life escape success!

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