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Creepy Things Happen at Escape Games

Oct 01 2020 | Blogs

If you’ve ever been to Escape Games Canada, you already know that the facility can seem kinda creepy. It’s filled with strange sounds – like the thunder that echoes through the halls – and even stranger sights. But have you ever stopped to think about what the facility is like after we close? Our staff are often alone in the building, and we can all vouch from experience, there’s no end to the strange things that happen here! So, if you were already a little afraid of our dark hallways, turn back now! This blog isn’t for you! But if you’re curious, here’s our top picks for the strange and creepy things that happen regularly at Escape Games Canada.

Everyday Weirdness

There’s always staff on hand; they might be building, doing maintenance, or other administrative work to make sure that everything is perfect for our customers. We’re often here a few hours before we open to the public, and we always stay for a little while after all our customers have gone home. It’s those few hours when there’s only a person or two in the building that things start to get weird. When the power shuts off, the building makes its own terrifying ambient noises. The ducts seem to rattle only when you walk beneath them, and there are strange “clinks” in the distant corners of rooms that you know are empty. The worst part is that everything beyond the lobby goes dark, everything! Have you ever walked by The Haunting of Noriko? It’s ambient noise and blood splatters are chilling. Now imagine walking by it in pitch dark. The game becomes a massive void where anything could be lurking. That’s just a taste of what we deal with.

Beware the Staff!

As if the building wasn’t spooky enough, our team members are terrifying in their own right. Somehow, most of our team step softly and will pop-up behind you without warning. Seriously, they always turn up where you least expect them. In fact, staff spooking staff is largely responsible for most of the screams you hear coming down the hall. But the accidental spooks aren’t the worst of it, the team will go to any lengths to deliberately scare one another. They wait around corners and in dark areas for one another, they pop up in the strangest places. With our infinite supply of creepy props and obscure hiding places, the members of the Escape Games Canada team sadistically play the worst kinds of pranks. Working here means being on edge most of the time.

This Place is Haunted

You read that right, this place is definitely haunted. When there’s a member of the staff alone in the building, they frequently report hearing games trigger on their own. Yes – trigger – as in someone needs to be there to activate it, but no one is. I don’t think anyone of us can adequately explain how unnerving it is to be sitting alone in the lobby and hear an unexplained, random banging from the back of the building. Then there are the security cameras. When the facility is running, they’re used to watch players and make sure everyone is safe, but the staff are constantly catching strange and unexplained sights. Maybe they can be explained, maybe not, either way, they are frightening and just another one of the unexplained, creepy things that happen at Escape Games Canada.

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