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Operating During COVID-19 FAQ

May 11 2020 | Blogs

It goes without saying this is an unprecedented and challenging time for Canadians. At Escape Games Canada, we are firm believers that our physical and mental health should take priority over fun and games.

Our main priority is and always has been player safety. We know a lot of our rules like no lighters, mobile devices, and zero alcohol tolerance can seem a bit of an overreaction but there are reasons for these restrictions when you play. Adding COVID-19 to the mix adds some challenges but we’re putting a new set of health and safety standards in place to ensure you’re safe while you play. Here are some of the answers to your questions about safety in escape rooms.

Q: Will escape rooms be safe to play?

A: They are only as safe as the staff. Disinfecting handled objects and surfaces between games is going to be required until community transmission rates are significantly reduced. Facilities that are under-staffed may not have the resources needed to properly disinfect their rooms between games, so keep an eye out. Ask about their facilities disinfection policies when booking. You should be able to smell how clean a room is.

Q: What about actor-driven games?

A: Unless the actor is behind a glass wall, consider these games off the safety list until further notice. As a company, we would never subject our staff to unnecessary interactions.

Q: What about places that put you in groups with people you don’t know?

A: For the same reason above this shouldn’t happen. We’ve never partnered people up with strangers and we have no intention of doing this in the future. It’s not enjoyable, and now it may not be safe.

Q: How will you ensure people who come to play are safe?

A: We require players to wear face masks at all times during their visits.We strongly recommend all players to wash hands before and after the game. Anyone showing any symptoms will kindly be asked not to enter the facility. Lockers will only be provided under certain circumstances to avoid cross-contamination between groups.x

Q: Escape Games Canada gets busy, how will the crowds be handled?

A: We are changing our schedule to ensure that we limit the number of groups in our lobby at once. Thankfully our lobby is large, and we will be switching to standing tables only for the foreseeable future.

Q: Will your maximum and minimum group size be affected?

A: Yes! We understand people are limiting social interactions to less people and we want to encourage that. We will institute changes to our maximum and minimum group sizes.

Q: What about paying?

A: Until further notice, we are 100% NO CASH. We will not have cash on-site.

Q: Do you offer online-games?

Yes! while we were waiting to re-open, we started working on a series of online escape rooms and other social games that integrate a proprietary video-chat/interaction mechanism. This means you can see and hear your friends in the same way you would play a real-life escape room. Check it out here:


We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for the years of support. We know staying at home all the time isn’t exactly exciting and we know everyone is itching to get out there once it is safe to do so, but please be patient. We’ll be ready when the time is right, and we’re looking forward to bringing you new adventures!

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