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The Scariest Escape Room Horrors at Escape Games

Mar 11 2020 | Uncategorized

Scary escape rooms are arguably the most popular escape rooms. We’re always asked which of our games is the scariest. Well, sometimes it’s not about the whole game, sometimes a tense moment can be more impactful than an entire horror-themed game. Here’s a spoiler-free list of the top three scariest escape room horrors at Escape Games Canada that make our skin crawl.

Crossroads Last Door

Crossroads was never intended to be a scary game. As far as escape rooms go, the idea of catching a killer is standard; some might even consider it cliché. But as common as its theme is, Crossroads still has the power to leave a lasting impression. From the time you enter the game, the blood-streaked floor and muffled cries do nothing to settle your nerves. But it’s near the end of the game that will really test your bravery. As you play, the gore increases, the sounds get louder, and your group will inevitably grow tenser. Then you’ll face it: the door (you’ll know which one when you see it). It’s imposing and noticeably doesn’t have a handle. At the top is a barred window that lets you peek into the darkness beyond. You can hear crying, but you can’t see who’s in there. It’s one of the scariest escape room horrors and it’s guaranteed to make you feel uneasy. The door plays its dramatic role; it’s a small detail, but really helps to build tension in an already unnerving game.

Noriko Stairwell


The Haunting of Noriko is a two-story Japanese-style haunted house escape game. As far as the list of scariest escape rooms goes, this one is up there. The props and terrifying sound effects will make you uneasy. While there are a lot of surprising horrors that startle and scare people in Noriko, the stairwell might be the most intimidating part of the game. It’s looming there right at the start, daring you to make the climb. The top is eerily dark and imposing, which makes the idea of climbing it terrifying. This isn’t helped by the creepy sound effects or flickering lights that set the atmosphere in the rest of the game. Most players look up the stairs into the darkness and the fear of being split up or separated, as well as the fear of not knowing what they might discover on the second floor, take over. For those brave enough to venture first into the dark, there are a number of horrifying surprises waiting.

The Unknown

What is there to say about The Unknown? It’s our only 18 plus game and has a whole lot of health restrictions attached to it (contact our team for more info). The real terror of The Unknown lies in the fact that you enter the game with absolutely no information. Is there anything more frightening than not knowing? In a world where information is literally at our fingertips, The Unknown is a well-kept secret, and having to follow a game master down a dark hallway after hearing the room’s many disclaimers is hardly comforting. Even making the booking for The Unknown can be stressful as you must spend some time considering the health of your group and their safety. Sorry, we won’t tell you what’s behind that door, but we will confirm what you already suspect; it’s an intensely frightening experience.

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