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The Top 3 Best Escape Room Props at Escape Games Canada

Mar 05 2020 | Blogs

Here at Escape Games Canada, we’re proud of our work. We happen to think we build some pretty cool stuff. Our build team is second to none and it includes some of the most talented prop fabricators you can find. So, if you’ll allow us to flex a little, we’d like to share a spoiler-free list of the top 3 best props in our games. Or at least the top 3 best props that we’re willing to tell you about.

Rats in Pathogen

It’s safe to tell you that in Pathogen you’ll have to break into a lab owned by the Talon Corporation. You and your team will bear firsthand witness to the nasty side of science. These little guys have seen better days, but their inclusion in the game really helps to tell the story of just how far the Talon Corporation is willing to go to achieve their ends. The rats are not only fantastic thematic additions to Pathogen’s already impressive set design, but they are an integral part of one of the game’s most challenging puzzles. As you can see, these rats have a lot to contribute to Pathogen, which is why we rate them as one of our best escape room props.

Demon in Mindshaft

In the epic fantasy adventure game that is Mindshaft, the Demon is the final boss. His imposing stature and never-ending sass make him an impressive foe. The fact that he simulates the experience of facing a video game boss in real-life makes him the most memorable part of the game. The Demon really creates a “wow” moment when you discover him looming over you. Once you start exchanging magic spells and whittling away at his health, you’ll understand why the Demon is on our list of the best escape room props.

The Gun in Missing Will


Missing Will is filled with memorable props, all of which contribute to its unique gameplay, but we have one clear favourite – the gun. In fact, the gun might be our favourite prop of all our missions! It may be small but unlocking it and using it as a bonus in your game is both fun and profoundly satisfying. It’s tough to get your hands on, but if you can unlock the gun, you’re in for a massive score bonus and it adds a special theatrical element to an already theatrical escape room. Suddenly, you get to sneak through doors, gun first, ready for any surprise. It adds a whole new level of interaction and once you discover it, you’re transported; now you’re in a film noir, trying to solve the mystery! As far as our choice for the absolute best escape room prop, the gun is easily at the top of the list.

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