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How to Book the Best Escape Room Experience for You

Feb 27 2020 | Blogs

Booking an escape room isn’t hard but booking the best escape room experience for YOU can be. There are a few things to consider in order to guarantee that the experience suits your tastes. Escape rooms can be fun and challenging, so it’s always good to be prepared in order to have the best experience you can. Here’s some advice on how to book the best escape room experience for you.

You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

Sometimes it gets tricky figuring out how to choose which escape room facility is best. Escape Games Canada has over a thousand mostly 5-star reviews, and we think that says a lot. When choosing your escape room, don’t just check how many stars they have, check how many people have reviewed. If an escape room has 5 stars but there are only four reviews, chances are the reviewers are friends or family. Next, check the website and the rooms they offer. If the rooms don’t seem very exciting or to your taste, it might be better to move on to another facility.

Check the Disclaimers

Once you’ve picked the place you want to take your team, it’s time to pick the escape room you want to play. Most escape facilities will have at least a few games for you to choose from. Make sure you’re checking any and all disclaimers before you book. Disclaimers might give you some insight on whether or not there’s physical activity or physical elements involved in the game, or maybe warn you if the room is scary. If horror is not something you’re into, picking an escape room with disclaimers about violence or health conditions, like The Haunting of Noriko or The Unknown is inadvisable.

Book the Theme You Like, Not What’s Popular

At Escape Games Canada we’re always asked, “Which room is the most popular?” To be honest, that’s a tough question to answer. Bandwagon Bias means that if one room is booked online more than another, people will assume it’s the best escape room and book it as well. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Booking what’s “popular” with other people won’t necessarily mean it’ll score well with YOU. Take a careful look at your choices, pick the game whose theme interests you the most, and try it first. If you love it and want to play more, then the staff are more than happy to recommend other games that we think you’ll enjoy. After all, this is a blog on how to book the perfect escape experience for you, and not for everyone else.

So you see, as simple as it is to book an escape room, a little bit of extra care will ensure you’re booking the best one. If you’re going to make the trip to do an escape game, make sure the room and facility you choose are worth your time. Hopefully, this advice will help you to book the best escape room for you. Escape rooms are fun, so above all make sure you enjoy yourself!

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