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What Kind Of Escaper Are You?

Jan 03 2019 | Blogs

Does he really love you? Is blue really your colour? What kind of escaper are you? We’re bringing back the classic quiz format to help you find out!

The Questions:

You think you have the answer, but the code isn’t working. What do you do?

  1. Take a step back and examine the problem a little more closely. Maybe there’s something you missed?
  2. Ask around your teammates ( and make sure that everyone had their information correct and no one mistranslated a number or letter.
  3. Go through all the steps you took to solve the puzzle again. You must have missed something

You’re really stuck on a puzzle. Suuuuper stuck. How do you work around it?

  1. Think back to all the information you’ve collected and make constellations of possible answers. You try to think outside the box. Maybe it’s a simpler solution than you originally thought.
  2. Talk to your team and go over what you know and where you’re getting stuck. Maybe someone thought of something different that might help.
  3. Go over your options. This puzzle has taken up a lot of your game time–maybe it’s time to take a hint? Switch up the roles–have your team work on different things than they were before. Maybe a fresh set of eyes would help.

A member of your team just pulled out their phone to cheat, and you saw. What do you do?

  1. Ignore them. If they want to cheat that’s their prerogative.
  2. Call them out. You know there are cameras and they’re gonna get your team in trouble!
  3. Tell them to put it away. You want to solve this game fair and square.

Your Result:

Mostly A’s: The Wallflower

You don’t say too much while your friends work away at the puzzles; you’re more content to take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture. You look with your eyes, not your hands, and you connect the dots inside your head, coming up with possible solutions through the information you have and the process of elimination

Mostly B’s: The Talk Show Host

You don’t really care about entering in the codes yourself or even scrounging around for clues–you’re the talker. Silence in an escape room means a lack of communication that could hinder your problem solving abilities, so you’re on a mission to keep the silence to a minimum. You’re putting two and two together out loud in the hopes that you or one of your teammates has an epiphany that putz the puzzle pieces together and helps you to move on.

Mostly C’s: The Shot Caller

Team Leader, that’s you. You know what you’re doing, or at least what everyone else should be doing. You step up to the occasion and organize your group, assigning tasks and moving around your team, making sure no one is left standing idle. Everyone has their part in an escape game and you’re there to make sure they’re all doing it.

One of each: Maybe you’re a bit confused, or maybe you’ve become the perfect escaper! For better or worst, you’re a little of everything which can help or hinder your team. Procede with caution!


*Cover image courtesy of Rawpixel.

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