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Why We Don’t Build Traditional Escape Rooms

Dec 18 2019 | Blogs

There are tons of escape rooms out there. Toronto is filled with them. There are parts of the city where escape rooms are almost as prevalent as coffee shops. With so many of them around, why would we want to build something similar? We don’t build traditional escape rooms because so many already exist. It’s that simple. Instead, we are working hard to redefine what escape rooms can be.

Made By Us

We design, develop, and build every component of every game in our facility. It’s all our ideas and based on our specifications. Needless to say, our build team gets pretty busy! Since we have creative control, why not get creative? We build the kinds of games we want to play. Anyone can place a whole bunch of lockboxes around a room; we want to create a more innovative experience. Since we have the resources to design and build sets and props, as well as the ability to wire and program them, we get to build however we’d like. That means you, the customer, gets an experience that’s completely unique to our facility. An experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Designing Without Limits

We stay away from designing traditional escape rooms because it places a huge limitation on us. Traditional games often break immersion for the benefit of their design. We don’t want our missions to be confined by traditional rules, we want to be free to build and design whatever our imaginations can muster. The traditional escape room convention is for the group to follow a linear puzzle path, each puzzle granting a clue to the next, with the goal of escaping inside the time limit. Why shouldn’t a group be able to work on multiple things at once? Why is there only one measure for success? We have built interactive games that are played for score instead of time. We have built games that allow groups to engage in multiple challenges at once. We are always trying to imagine a new and different way that escape rooms can be played, and that’s why we stay away from the traditional model.

Absolute Immersion

There are a lot of facilities out there that build their rooms with simple furniture and props from the local discount store. We’re not saying that lower-budget games are all bad. Some of them have clever puzzles, or fun scenarios. But far too often, this hasty design is symptomatic of a dispassionate owner. At Escape Games Canada, we do not lack passion! In fact, our build team is consumed by designing new and innovative experiences for you. We want you to feel completely immersed when you play. Forget about escaping rooms, we want you to escape your reality! Little details are important to immersion; we want to make sure that the technology in the room feels appropriate to the theme. We also want you to discover fun, new ways to play. By letting go of tradition and escape room conventions, we can reinvent the experience.

There are dozens of escape rooms around, and many of them are similar. Why follow the trend when we have the ability to design and build so much more? At Escape Games Canada, we want to reinvent how you think about escape rooms. Creating new game metrics and new ways to interact, along with fully immersive sets, we have the opportunity to break the mould!

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