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New Year’s Escape Room Resolutions

Jan 23 2020 | Blogs

Happy New Year, friends! It’s 2020 and we want to help you start it off with a bang. In the coming year, we want to help you maximize your escape room experiences. Anyone can make a new year resolution, but it takes the experts at Escape Games Canada to help you set escape room resolutions. We can help you have the best year of escape rooms yet! Here are a couple of escape room resolutions to help you ring in the new year!

Be More Active

If we’re being honest, we all ate a lot over the holidays, and we’re feeling it a little now. If you’re also feeling a bit sluggish, we suggest you aim to move a bit more. Making healthy choices maybe the most classic of all new year’s resolutions. Naturally, it should become also become one of our escape room resolutions. Book a mission with some physical activity; you’ll exercise your mind and your body at the same time. We won’t claim that our missions will give you a workout, but some of them will get you moving. So, get together with your friends, have some fun, and make your Fitbit™ happy all at the same time.

Be Your Best Self

It’s easy to get competitive when you’re playing an escape room. In fact, it’s common for players to aim for the all-time record, regardless of their experience. We want to challenge you to just have fun! Don’t worry about whether or not you win, just worry about having a good time. The stress of beating records can diminish the experience and cause arguments within your team. Of all the resolutions you could make, this one guarantees you’ll have a good time. A little bit of good sportsmanship goes a long way to you having more fun during your game. If you and your group are more relaxed, you’ll naturally enjoy yourselves more.

Play A Game That Scares You

This one is important. We can hear you screaming “no!” but give us a second to explain. Scary escape rooms are just games – granted they are immersive and can feel very real, but they are perfectly safe. As long as you play safely, you have nothing to fear when playing except fear itself. We say that 2020 is the year you face your fears! Brave The Haunting of Noriko, book The Unknown; you’ll be glad that you did. Sure, you might be afraid, it’ll be an intense hour. Think about how proud you’ll be of yourself if you brave a game that scares you. Consider the sense of accomplishment that comes with facing your fears. In our opinion, braving an escape room that scares you is the best escape room resolution you can make this year.

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